About Hotel Miramar

Our history

To the south, the boats in the harbor, to the north, the Malvarrosa beach, stretching out of sight. And from the front, the sea, the same as Sorolla painted.

Right here since 1924, D. Leonardo Vilella and D. José Turanzo Avispa, built on the sand of the beach a small wooden picnic in the shade of the luxurious Spa Las Arenas. They served drinks and dishes, and later rice and fish catches by local fishermen.

Since then, three generations of Turanzo family have taken the business into the modern Hotel which is today, maintaining the spirit that propelled our great-grandparents.

The Miramar is a cozy, comfortable and modern Hotel, with a privileged position to 10 min. Valencia center and walk to the Playa de Las Arenas, on the Promenade.


We have established a strategy of development of services in order to keep the same level of hospitality by reducing instead the environmental impact. This implies a compromise from the Management along with different operative hotel areas but it also implies a major awareness among clients about reducing unnecessary consumption (towel, bed linen or soap changing).

Here are some of the friendly environmental practices already in current use in Miramar Hotel:

Choice of low environmental impact or ecologically certified cleaning products.

Changing bed linen and towel upon request

Separate collection of waste.

Use of recycled paper and reuse of printed documents in the office. Increase staff’s awareness about moderate use of printers.

Use of LED lights

“Logical” assignation of rooms in order to reduce power costs (heating, air conditioning)

Equipment intended to reduce consumption: double glazed windows with shutters, low flow toilet, adjustable thermostats in every room, light switch on/off activated with the magnetic card/key.

Forthcoming commitments:

Electronic Invoice and e-mail correspondence.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” (Platón)

Hotel Miramar organizes artistic activities, little concerts an DJ sesions in the lounge Restaurant.

Rooms are decorated wirth María Ángeles Serna artworks.

Our wish is to continue to stir both your emotions and ours.


Cruz Roja